Thera Roll and Stretches

Camelia believes that her work is never complete without the combined effort of her clients. Stretches are part of the home care and she suggests that everyone does them to keep the flow of healing going.

However, according to there are only a few muscles that we can really stretch: the neck, low back, hamstrings, calves, rectus femoris muscle (10-15% of the quadriceps group mass), abdominals, iliopsoas, pectoralis major muscles. For everything else there is Thera Roll (foam roller).

Foam rollers are accepted tools for self massage. Moderate to agressive release of sore and fatigued muscles designed for most people from weekend warriors to competitive athletes. Comes in soft (blue), firm (purple) and hard (grey) density.

Made in the USA from the highest quality, durable foam. Thera-Roll’s cross-linked foam is easy to clean and sterilize.

Contraindications: People with varicose veins and/or deep vein thrombosis should not use this product.

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Suggested areas:

  • Quadriceps / ITB
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes / Piriformis
  • Traps / Rhomboids
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Calves / Feet

The patented ribbed design of the Thera-Roll is a potent variation on the traditional Physio Roller. 

Thera-Roll gives you more control of the roller position to achieve effective tissue release decreasing pain and stiffness.

Invented, designed and clinically tested by Licensed Physical Therapists.

What people say about the Thera Roll:

My name is Marc and I am a professional firefighter. I have used a number of different foam rollers as an inexpensive way to self massage my back, legs and various other part of my body. By far, the Thera-Roll is the most effective foam roller that I have had the chance to use and purchase.
It is excellent to limber up and massage out many of the achy muscle knots in your body. All you need is to use your body weight to get the full effect. I got this roller to work out some muscle tightness and strains that I get as I work and train on the job as a firefighter which is rigorous on the body. I also use it as well as when I train in the gym and it’s been great as it provides much needed relief.  I use the roller to take the kinks out of my calves, thighs and lower and upper back after a hard bike ride or run. I’ve been using it on a daily basis and it’s held up superbly. I purchased the medium density foam roller and I find it is nice and firm, which is just what you want in a foam roller. I also purchased the smaller sized foam roller which comes in a firmer density and it has been great with massaging my neck and other body parts.
I highly recommend the Thera Roll foam roller. It’s is a superior product, an excellent buy and it is definitely worth the price!

Marc Jubinville

I have been trying the Thera Roll for 2 weeks and I would recommend every athlete get one. I took my roller with me on a cycling training weekend and everyone used it. I had a hard time getting it back! The Foam Roller is a great tool for anyone who needs some relief from tight muscles. I have tried many devices designed to help with muscle tightness, but nothing has worked like the Thera Roll. Thanks Camelia for this mini massager.

Shayla Roberts – Peak Performance Coach
Evolution Coaching Network

The Thera-Roll is a great tool for all athletes and athletes at heart looking to help decrease muscle density prior to their dynamic warm up. The patent grooves on the roller helps to get into those hard-to-get places for myofascia release. I highly recommend this product both prior to and immediately after a workout to help with those tender areas getting back to its optimal level. The Thera-Roll is the next best thing to a Registered Massage Therapist.

Weldon Cheung – MHK, CSCS
Physical Education Teacher
Strength Coach

Ever since I’ve started to use TheraRoll as part of my training for swimming routine I’ve immediately noticed increase in speed and in range of motion. My movements felt unobstructed by scar tissue built-up and the swimming was effortless.

Michael Jakac-Sinclair, Swimmer – Richmond Rapids

“The Thera Roller foam roller is a convenient blessing. The travel size version is easy to pack, and helps me keep my muscles happy and relaxed between sessions.”

Kelly Fitzsimmons – Modern Pentathlon – Calgary

Thera Roll foam roller was recommended to me, and I never really thought I would need it as I felt in relatively good health as it was. I finally started using it on my quads and glutes, and after a week of consistent rolling, I can run much longer, feel much more agile and rarely experience knee pains. I’ve since expanded how much I use the roller to my arms, upper back, and I feel much better.

Foam rollers are easily overlooked, but once you feel the benefits you will never want to go without one.

François Chaput – Designer

Relic Entertainment